Traffic & Construction Updates

Lane Closures Planned as Final Street Improvements Begin

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street improvement mapAs the Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento midtown expansion project nears completion, final street improvements with the City of Sacramento are underway and are scheduled to continue through May 21.  The area of work extends from K Street to Capitol Avenue between 27th and 29th streets. It involves lowering manholes, grinding, repairing, overlaying and paving, sealing and striping.

Depending on the work to be completed, there will be traffic controls in place that include partial to full lane closures, as well as street closures.  The overlaying and paving will occur the second week in the evenings and overnight (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) due to the possibility of street closures. There is noise from grinding and trucks, as well as smells from paving and sealing associated with this work.

Here is the day-to-day schedule of street activities: Read More

Street Closure – Sat., Jan 24

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Due to construction activities, 28th Street between L Street and Capitol Avenue will be closed to all traffic 6 a.m. – Noon on Saturday, January 24, 2015. In addition, during the same time, there will be no access to the south side of Buhler Specialty Pavilion’s fourth through seventh floors; the women’s restrooms will be available, however. The safety of all our patients, staff and construction personnel is of utmost importance; please abide by all posted signage and notifications.

Oncology/Blood Marrow Transplant Team Proud to Open New Space

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The Blood and Transplant Unit at Sutter General Hospital is the latest department to debut their new home through an expansion that took their unit from six to 16 beds.

“It took two years to make this happen; however, it was all worth it,” said Abbie Leshen-Plaza, R.N., nursing director, blood marrow transplant/oncology.

Since 1993, Sutter Cancer Center has provided stem cell transplants to adults with blood-borne cancers, severe anemia and other life-threatening conditions. Accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and one of only nine California transplant centers for adult patients, our Blood and Marrow Transplant Program holds center-of-excellence status from several major insurers. Equally important, our comprehensive program of care consistently receives outstanding marks in patient satisfaction from the hundreds of patients and families who have benefited from care.

“Each patient has a team of professionals that care for the patient and support the family,” says BMT Program Medical Director Michael Carroll, M.D. “In addition to doctors and nurses who provide direct medical care, we have patient navigators who answer questions and guide patients and families through the transplant process. We also have a dedicated financial coordinator, social worker, clinical dietitian, donor search coordinator and physical therapist as well as access to a host of medical specialists and the Sutter Cancer Center’s chaplains, music therapist, massage therapist and others. It’s a remarkably rich program of care and support.”

Family members also receive education and emotional support throughout the process. To help families stay connected while their loved one is in the hospital for several weeks, the expanded unit includes a family room with television and Internet access, kitchen and a laundry facility to make it easier for patients and families to spend time together.

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

New Valet Opens

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Construction is progressing on our campus and yesterday we hit another milestone – the opening of the new valet and drive between the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s & Children’s Center and the Buhler Building/Sutter Cancer Center. This valet currently serves patients with appointments at the Buhler Building/Sutter Cancer Center and when our new campus opens in 2015 it will be the new access point for our whole campus.

The new entrance will be on Capitol Avenue between 28th and 29th streets. The entrance is easily accessible to westbound traffic on Capitol Avenue. Vehicles should not turn left into the drive, but instead approach the entrance going toward downtown.

This is the drive entrance from Capitol Avenue.

This is the drive entrance from Capitol Avenue.

This is a view of the drive exit looking from L Street.

This is a view of the drive exit looking from L Street.


From Interstate 80 East & Highway 50

  • Take Interstate 80 to Capital City Freeway (Business 80 Reno)
  • Take the N Street exit off of Capital Freeway.
  • Go straight from the off-ramp onto 30th Street, which parallels the freeway. Turn left onto Capitol Avenue. Go past 29th Street, and the new valet entrance is on the right side.

From Interstate 80 West

  • Take Interstate 80 to Capital City Freeway (Business 80)
  • Take J Street exit. Go straight from the off-ramp onto 29th Street, which parallels the freeway.
  • Turn right onto Capitol Avenue, and the new valet entrance is on the right side.

Get a Close-Up Look at New Sutter Hospital’s Architecture

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Sidewalk openThe sidewalk on 29th Street next to the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center, between L Street and Capitol Avenue, has been opened to the public. A stroll next to the new hospital illustrates the beauty of the architecture and landscaping. Look for the sidewalk on the Capitol Avenue side of the Women’s and Children’s Center to open up in the coming weeks. Click on the photo for a larger view.

L Street to Close Over Weekend of Oct. 26-27 for Final Bridge’s Steel

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Now that the Radiation Oncology Center elevators in the Buhler Building/Sutter Cancer Center have been taken out, construction crews are erecting the bridge that will connect the Buhler Building to the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center. This will be the sixth bridge that links the midtown Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento hospitals together and to the outpatient services and physician offices at Sutter Capitol Pavilion, Buhler Building and Fort Sutter Medical Complex.

On the weekend of Oct. 26 and 27, L Street will be closed in order to deliver the bridge’s steel to the site. The set-up will be similar to when L Street was closed for the construction of the spanning structure, with valet parking for the Buhler Building and Sutter General Hospital flowing in the opposite direction. Traffic will exit through the SGH drop-off lane and turn right on 28th Street.

The sidewalk on the Sutter General Hospital side will remain open throughout the weekend, and all staff and visitors should enter at the main hospital lobby. For those going to the Buhler Building, please cross L Street at 28th Street or walk across the bridge that connects the hospital and Buhler.

The work will be completed by Monday, Oct. 28, and L Street will be back to normal for the workweek.

Here is the map that shows the L Street closure and valet parking reconfiguration on Oct. 26 and 27. L Street is only expected to be closed over that weekend.

Here is the map that shows the L Street closure and valet parking reconfiguration on Oct. 26 and 27. L Street is only expected to be closed over that weekend.