Sutter General Hospital/Ose Adams Medical Pavilion

Sutter Health Sign Goes Up on New Women’s and Children’s Center

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ALWCC 4_17 aThe Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento sign was installed today on the left side of the top level of the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center by construction workers.

Because the new acute-care facility is a half-block distance from the Capital City Freeway, the sign can be seen by travelers and commuters.

The signage matches the rebranding that the Sutter Health network of hospitals, doctors and medical foundations undertook in the past couple of years, with the new Plus logo and the name of the facility — Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento — underneath the bolder Sutter Health name. Read More

Check Out Before and After Photos of the Expanded Midtown Campus

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ALWCC progress 3_2015 1

Looking to the east. Notice how the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center really dwarfs the Old Tavern.

ALWCC progress 3_2015 2

A closer look of the campus looking toward the east.

ALWCC progress 3_2015 3

The view of the campus looking west.

ALWCC progress 3_2015 4

A look at the expanded campus looking southwest. At the top of the recent photo you can see the Sutter Community Garage.

During his time off, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Anesthesiologist Hal Humphreys, M.D., likes to soar among the clouds in his Cessna 182. He recently took Senior Media Producer John Milne up to take photos and video. John then matched some of the shots to ones he took before the SMCS expansion construction began. The photos show what Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson called “a model in-fill project.” The existing Sutter buildings on the left are Sutter General Hospital, Sutter Cancer Center (now called the Buhler Specialty Pavilion) and the Old Tavern. On the right side of each set of photos includes the addition of the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center and the Sutter Capitol Pavilion, along with a series of bridges or spanning structures connecting the entire campus. Click on each photo to see a larger version of it.

Sutter Nurses Prepare for Dedicated Emergency Room for Children

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It’s fun and informative, but it’s no child’s play. Dr. Paul Walsh, medical director of the Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Pediatric Emergency Department, has begun teaching children’s emergency care to nurses in the new peds emergency room that will open on Aug. 8 in the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion — the new name for Sutter General Hospital.

In one recent session in a Sutter General Hospital Emergency Department bay, nine nurses were gathered around a life-sized mannequin that appropriately squeals, grunts and even screams with each intervention by a nurse or physician as the team assesses the patient’s condition. Monitors engaged, clinical values blurted and equipment directives are all given with authority. Add a crying mother, a distraught father and the elevation of tension that comes with many emergent situations. Read More

Pharmacy First Department in New Sutter Women’s and Children’s Center

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The Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Pharmacy moved Feb. 8 into the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center’s third floor, which will be its new, permanent home on the expanded midtown campus.

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Pharmacy Technician Sabina Zildzic uses one of the new automated dispensers inside the new SMCS Pharmacy.

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Pharmacy Technician Sabina Zildzic uses one of the new automated dispensers inside the new SMCS Pharmacy.

The SMCS Pharmacy moved from its former space in Sutter General Hospital’s basement and became the first department and second area of the new hospital to get the green light for occupancy. Last year, the entryway and stairs leading to the Radiation Oncology Center, or ROC, located in the basement of the Buhler Specialty Pavilion and the Women’s and Children’s Center was opened for staff and patients.

When the expanded campus opens this summer, the 6,500-square-foot third-floor space will be the center of operations for Pharmacy, with a satellite center in the NICU on the Women’s and Children’s Center seventh floor, along with the current satellite pharmacies on the fourth and fifth floors in Sutter General Hospital, which will be renamed the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion. Read More

Oncology/Blood Marrow Transplant Team Proud to Open New Space

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The Blood and Transplant Unit at Sutter General Hospital is the latest department to debut their new home through an expansion that took their unit from six to 16 beds.

“It took two years to make this happen; however, it was all worth it,” said Abbie Leshen-Plaza, R.N., nursing director, blood marrow transplant/oncology.

Since 1993, Sutter Cancer Center has provided stem cell transplants to adults with blood-borne cancers, severe anemia and other life-threatening conditions. Accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and one of only nine California transplant centers for adult patients, our Blood and Marrow Transplant Program holds center-of-excellence status from several major insurers. Equally important, our comprehensive program of care consistently receives outstanding marks in patient satisfaction from the hundreds of patients and families who have benefited from care.

“Each patient has a team of professionals that care for the patient and support the family,” says BMT Program Medical Director Michael Carroll, M.D. “In addition to doctors and nurses who provide direct medical care, we have patient navigators who answer questions and guide patients and families through the transplant process. We also have a dedicated financial coordinator, social worker, clinical dietitian, donor search coordinator and physical therapist as well as access to a host of medical specialists and the Sutter Cancer Center’s chaplains, music therapist, massage therapist and others. It’s a remarkably rich program of care and support.”

Family members also receive education and emotional support throughout the process. To help families stay connected while their loved one is in the hospital for several weeks, the expanded unit includes a family room with television and Internet access, kitchen and a laundry facility to make it easier for patients and families to spend time together.

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

Physician On-Call Suite Opens in Fort Sutter Medical Complex

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Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Hospitalists, residents and other physicians routinely are “on call” at the hospital and need a place to sleep and relax on campus during down times so they can be alert and at their best when called into action. The stereotypical on-call sleeping arrangement, as typified on TV shows, is a crammed cubbyhole that is about as comfortable as an Army barrack.

But at the expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento campus, on-call physicians will get the proper rest they need in the snazzy new Physician On-Call Suite. Located in Suite 360 of the Fort Sutter Medical Complex, it opened March 6. Read More