Physician On-Call Suite Opens in Fort Sutter Medical Complex

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Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Hospitalists, residents and other physicians routinely are “on call” at the hospital and need a place to sleep and relax on campus during down times so they can be alert and at their best when called into action. The stereotypical on-call sleeping arrangement, as typified on TV shows, is a crammed cubbyhole that is about as comfortable as an Army barrack.

But at the expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento campus, on-call physicians will get the proper rest they need in the snazzy new Physician On-Call Suite. Located in Suite 360 of the Fort Sutter Medical Complex, it opened March 6.


The lounge in the On-call Physician Suite features a large-screen TV, comfortable chairs and a work area that includes dual-screen computers, a printer and shredder.

The Physician On-Call Suite is located just across the bridge over K Street that connects the medical office building with Sutter General Hospital, and features a dozen rooms for on-call physicians – each with a bed, work station and TV. There are also two bathrooms, two separate shower rooms, break room with a microwave and refrigerator, a lounge, locker room and a work area complete with printer and shredder.

Currently in Sutter General Hospital, there are four converted patient rooms on 5 East that on-call physicians use. They now will be converted back to patient rooms.

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