Old West Meets Modern Hospital

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When the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center opens, it will make history as one of the most advanced and comprehensive hospitals for the care of mothers, babies and kids in the nation. And right next door is a piece of Sacramento history honored by our nation.

The new Anderson Lucchetti Women's and Children's Center towers over the Old Tavern, one of the oldest buildings in Sacramento.

The new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center towers over the Old Tavern, one of the oldest buildings in Sacramento.

The Old Tavern, which Sutter Health has owned since 1967, has been part of Sacramento’s history for 165 years and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. A mixture of architectural styles prevalent in Sacramento construction in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Old Tavern is separated only by a driveway from the strikingly modern Women’s and Children’s Center. Read More

A New Capitol Address for Expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

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In 1940, a Sacramento city beautification project led to the renaming of M Street. Since the California State Capitol and its park are located in the middle of M Street, the city renamed it Capitol Avenue, distinguishing it from the bland alphabet- and numeral-named streets in the heart of the city. It also makes it easier for visitors to find the state Capitol.

When the expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento campus opens next winter, it will be christened with a new, more distinguished address: 2825 Capitol Ave. That address is for both the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center and Sutter General Hospital, which will be renamed the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion. Read More

Display at Sutter Memorial Hospital Showcases Site’s Future

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SMH Stonebridge DisplayA large display showing the future of the Sutter Memorial Hospital site has been installed near the hospital’s main elevators on the first floor. The display shows the proposed neighborhood of up to 125 homes, a small mixed-use building, plus the many engaging park areas. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento partnered with StoneBridge Properties to conceptualize and entitle the redevelopment, referred to as Sutter Park. Sutter Park was designed with much community feedback and contributes to the livability and character of the surrounding neighborhood. For more details on the project, go to www.sutterparkneighborhood.com.

Famous Fred Uhl Ball Artwork in Sutter General Hospital to Remain

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Sacramento art lovers, we have great news: The 50-foot copper enameled mural depicting the Sacramento River and neighboring landscape that was commissioned for the opening of Sutter General Hospital will continue to adorn the lobby walls as SGH is remodeled into the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion.

The patchwork effect works perfectly to show the different landscapes of the Sacramento Valley.

The patchwork effect works perfectly to show the different landscapes of the Sacramento Valley.

The mural, titled “The Great Sacramento Valley,” was the last work of celebrated enamel artist Fred Uhl Ball of Sacramento, who died in September 1985 a few months after being assaulted in his studio. Ball had designed the artwork and, at the time of the attack, was creating the copper pieces that were shaped to fit together perfectly to depict the patchwork look of the farmland and river scenes. Ball’s mother and an associate completed and installed the piece, and it was unveiled in December 1986, a few months before Sutter General Hospital officially opened.

The Fred Uhl Ball artwork is in two pieces in the Sutter General Hospital Lobby.

The Fred Uhl Ball artwork is in two pieces in the Sutter General Hospital Lobby.

And in an ironic twist: Ball’s first public art show was with local artist Jerald Silva, who was commissioned to create artwork for the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center. Some of Silva’s large “Steamy Windows” watercolors of Sacramento landmarks are already installed on the second floor of SGH, near the spanning structure.

The Sutter General lobby is currently being renovated and, when the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center opens next year, it will become the lobby for the expanded Emergency Department. All other inpatient and outpatient registrations will occur in the Women’s and Children’s Center lobby when it opens.

The Future of Sutter Memorial Hospital

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of Sutter Memorial Hospital, which was originally opened in 1937 as Sutter Maternity Hospital. When built, Sutter Maternity was situated on the “edge” of town with 20 acres and 52 “air conditioned” beds. It was an immediate success. Over the years, the hospital name changed and the scope of services and the number of buildings expanded. Today, we are expanding once again and in 2014 all the services currently housed inside Sutter Memorial Hospital will be transitioning to the new midtown campus.

In preparing for the transition, we have partnered with StoneBridge Properties, LLC, a subsidiary of Teichert Land Co., to advise on the best strategy for redeveloping the Sutter Memorial Hospital site in East Sacramento. StoneBridge specializes in planning and redeveloping former industrial properties into uses that benefit the larger community, and for this project we are focused on designing a quality development that reconnects the existing neighborhood and is sensitive to the needs of the community.

As part of its early due diligence, StoneBridge conducted a thorough history of the site and engaged in extensive neighborhood and community outreach. The outreach included focused conversations with neighbors and community groups, with more than 750 people involved to date.

StoneBridge, on behalf of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, recently submitted an application to the City of Sacramento. The proposed project has been heavily shaped by community input and proposes reintroducing a mixed-residential and multi-generational community that reconnects the existing neighborhood. The land plan facilitates walking and cycling and provides for unique outdoor spaces and experiences. Over the next 12 to 18 months, the project will be further refined by feedback from the City, as well as continued neighborhood dialogue, and will undergo environmental analysis to better understand the project’s impacts.

For more information, please contact Randy Sater with StoneBridge at (916) 484-3200 or Keri Thomas, regional director, Community and Government Relations, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region at (916) 454-6697. For additional details on the neighborhood plan, go to  sutterparkneighborhood.com.

Proposed Plan

Click to view the proposed plan


Recent News Coverage Highlights Expansion Project

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A story on Sutter Medical Center’s midtown expansion project by writer Lance Armstrong in the East Sacramento News is the top Web story this week for the publication group, Valley Community Newspapers. It also includes some nice photos of the project. It can be viewed here: http://www.valcomnews.com/?p=6043.