Sutter General Hospital/Ose Adams Medical Pavilion

Oncology/Blood Marrow Transplant Team Proud to Open New Space

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The Blood and Transplant Unit at Sutter General Hospital is the latest department to debut their new home through an expansion that took their unit from six to 16 beds.

“It took two years to make this happen; however, it was all worth it,” said Abbie Leshen-Plaza, R.N., nursing director, blood marrow transplant/oncology.

Since 1993, Sutter Cancer Center has provided stem cell transplants to adults with blood-borne cancers, severe anemia and other life-threatening conditions. Accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and one of only nine California transplant centers for adult patients, our Blood and Marrow Transplant Program holds center-of-excellence status from several major insurers. Equally important, our comprehensive program of care consistently receives outstanding marks in patient satisfaction from the hundreds of patients and families who have benefited from care.

“Each patient has a team of professionals that care for the patient and support the family,” says BMT Program Medical Director Michael Carroll, M.D. “In addition to doctors and nurses who provide direct medical care, we have patient navigators who answer questions and guide patients and families through the transplant process. We also have a dedicated financial coordinator, social worker, clinical dietitian, donor search coordinator and physical therapist as well as access to a host of medical specialists and the Sutter Cancer Center’s chaplains, music therapist, massage therapist and others. It’s a remarkably rich program of care and support.”

Family members also receive education and emotional support throughout the process. To help families stay connected while their loved one is in the hospital for several weeks, the expanded unit includes a family room with television and Internet access, kitchen and a laundry facility to make it easier for patients and families to spend time together.

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

Patient room in the newly renovated Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit

Physician On-Call Suite Opens in Fort Sutter Medical Complex

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Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Each of the dozen On-call Physician rooms includes a computer and desk along with a TV.

Hospitalists, residents and other physicians routinely are “on call” at the hospital and need a place to sleep and relax on campus during down times so they can be alert and at their best when called into action. The stereotypical on-call sleeping arrangement, as typified on TV shows, is a crammed cubbyhole that is about as comfortable as an Army barrack.

But at the expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento campus, on-call physicians will get the proper rest they need in the snazzy new Physician On-Call Suite. Located in Suite 360 of the Fort Sutter Medical Complex, it opened March 6. Read More

A New Capitol Address for Expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

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In 1940, a Sacramento city beautification project led to the renaming of M Street. Since the California State Capitol and its park are located in the middle of M Street, the city renamed it Capitol Avenue, distinguishing it from the bland alphabet- and numeral-named streets in the heart of the city. It also makes it easier for visitors to find the state Capitol.

When the expanded Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento campus opens next winter, it will be christened with a new, more distinguished address: 2825 Capitol Ave. That address is for both the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center and Sutter General Hospital, which will be renamed the Ose Adams Medical Pavilion. Read More

Second-Floor Restrooms at Sutter General Closed for Renovations

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On Friday, Oct. 18, the restrooms on Sutter General Hospital’s second floor will close for renovation for about eight weeks. Restrooms on the first, third and fifth floors will be available for visitors, public and staff.

Entire Sutter General Lobby Opens Today

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The second half of the Sutter General Hospital lobby opened to the public and slobby 1taff today.

This area will serve as the main lobby for Sutter General Hospital until the expanded campus opens next fall. At that time, the lobby will become the waiting area and admissions for the expanded Emergency Department. Hospital admissions and visitors for the expanded midtown Sutter Medical Center campus will be through the first floor of the new Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center.

The new Sutter General lobby includes a new security desk and flooring that accentuates the famed Fred Uhl Ball ceramic and copper mural on the north wall.

The public restrooms on the first floor have also reopened, and the public restrooms on the second floor will close for upgrades.

New Access to Radiation Oncology Center Begins Today

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The new Radiation Oncology Center entrance inside the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center opened today and decommission and demolition of the current ROC elevators in the Sutter Cancer Center/ Buhler Building will begin at the same time.

The L Street sidewalk from the Buhler Building to 29th Street has opened, allowing patients, staff and visitors to access the ROC from the north entrance to the Women’s and Children’s Center. One elevator will be available for patient use to the ROC’s new lobby.

Also opening at the same time will be the spanning structure’s first level, which connects the second floors of the Women’s and Children’s Center and Sutter General Hospital. This will allow staff to transport patients to and from the ROC to diagnostic imaging and patient rooms in SGH.

Beginning next week, crews will cordon off the ROC elevators and stairs on the first and second floors of the Buhler Building and begin decommissioning them, which includes disconnecting the electrical systems, the fire alarms, etc. Then they will be removed to make room for the bridge that will connect the Buhler Building with the Women’s and Children’s Center over what is currently called Donor Drive.

The work to demolish the elevators, build the bridge and finish Donor Drive will take approximately seven months.