Top-Rated Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Expansion Underway

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Being diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma is life changing. It takes the support of a strong family, friends and, many times, the larger community to help a loved one through the process. And when patients learn they are candidates for stem cell transplants (also called peripheral blood, bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplants), many assume they’ll have to travel to the Bay Area for treatment and leave that support behind. They’re surprised to learn that top-level care is available right here, close to home.

A special airhandler was installed on the Sutter General Roof too feed the unit with specially filtered air

A special air handler was installed on the Sutter General Roof too feed the unit with filtered air

Since 1993, Sutter Cancer Center has provided stem cell transplants to adults with blood-borne cancers, severe anemia and other life-threatening conditions. Accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and one of only nine California transplant centers for adult patients, our Blood and Marrow Transplant Program holds center-of-excellence status from several major insurers. Equally important, our comprehensive program of care consistently receives outstanding marks in patient satisfaction from the hundreds of patients and families who have benefited from care. The success that has fueled the program’s continued expansion has caused it to outgrow its space on the fourth floor of Sutter General Hospital. With the renovation of the hospital, the program is growing from six to 16 beds. Construction is currently under way and is expected to be complete by spring 2014.

Enlarging a BMT unit is not an easy task. Transplant patients must be protected against illnesses and infections while their immune systems rebuild, and our goal is to keep the unit as sterile as possible. That requires sealing o the unit from the rest of the hospital and feeding it with specially filtered air.

In addition, almost tripling the number of patient beds requires an increase in nursing staff, who are uniquely trained in BMT and continue to receive frequent training to stay on top of recent advances to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

“Each patient has a team of professionals that care for the patient and support the family,” says BMT Program Medical Director Michael Carroll, M.D. “In addition to doctors and nurses who provide direct medical care, we have patient navigators who answer questions and guide patients and families through the transplant process. We also have a dedicated financial coordinator, social worker, clinical dietitian, donor search coordinator and physical therapist as well as access to a host of medical specialists and the Sutter Cancer Center’s chaplains, music therapist, massage therapist and others. It’s a remarkably rich program of care and support.”

Family members also receive education and emotional support throughout the process. To help families stay connected while their loved one is in the hospital for several weeks, the expanded unit will include a family room with television and Internet access, kitchen and a laundry facility to make it easier for patients and families to spend time together.

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